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Transmission Gear Oil

Transmission Lubricant Products

M POWER PLUS GEAR OIL offers an array of lubricants specially formulated for enclosed gearbox applications to combat difficult conditions. Automotive or Industrial gearboxes are expected to perform under conditions of high heat and heavy loads; and in environments often contaminated with dirt, process debris and water.

M POWER PLUS Gear Oil is formulated dual-acting anti-wear and extreme pressure additive technology. The result of revolutionary technology designed specifically for use in M POWER PLUS gear lubricants provide smoother, faster and quieter gear change for all manual and automatic transmission fluids and gear oil meet or exceed most of the requirements.

Manual Automotive Transmission Gear Oil

  • Gear Oil 85W90
  • Gear Oil EP-90
  • Gear Oil 85W140
  • Gear Oil EP-140

Automatic Transmission Fluids

  • ATF Dextron II
  • ATF Dextron III

Industrial Transmission Gear Oil

  • Industrial Gear Oil 150
  • Industrial Gear Oil 220
  • Industrial Gear Oil 320
  • Industrial Gear Oil 460